Compassionate Humanists began in March 2015 with a simple idea: to create a safe, comfortable space for face-to-face discussions.  We used the Sacramento Freethinkers, Atheists, and Non-Believers (SacFAN) Meetup site to set up a monthly discussion group in Roseville, California. Our first meeting attracted 16 people, all of them eager to meet other like-minded humans and make emotional connections.

We originally structured our meetings around Karen Armstrong’s book, 12 Steps to a Compassionate Life. We have also used The Moral Arc, by Michael Shermer, in our talks. Now, because of the fast pace of cultural and political stories, the facilitator suggests a topic one week before the meeting day. The topic usually is supported by an article, video or podcast.


Kristi Walters, the founder and facilitator of the original discussion group, wanted to develop a career in community service; to make a modest living while fulfilling her desire to help others. She has always found the time and energy to volunteer to various causes. She worked with Hospice to support families and patients through end-of-life care. She managed other volunteers and conducted trainings at the American Red Cross. She taught English-as-a-Second-Language to immigrants, and literacy skills to adult learners. In every volunteer position she held, she recognized that every meaningful connection she has ever made was based on kindness and compassion. She listened to their lives, without judgment, and offered a measure of empathy and acknowledgment.

Kristi has obtained an endorsement from the Humanist Society as a Celebrant and Chaplain, and she has developed workshops and training sessions for groups (communities, businesses, etc.) to learn more about how to live cooperatively with one another.


We are structuring this company as a small business entity which will, technically, make a profit to the owner(s). We simply want to make a modest living while strengthening our communities.

We are not a non-profit. Non-profit entities are, by and large, wonderful organizations which help to ease suffering or unify voices under one cause. But there is also waste and ineffectiveness; mistreatment of employees; and a singular focus on fundraising above all other goals. Compassionate Humanists is interested in raising community consciousness and restoring the dignity and integrity of human interactions. A small business, perhaps a worker cooperative (where every voice is equal), is the reasonable structure to honor our priorities.

If you are interested in becoming a part owner of this small business, fill out and submit our Contact Us form.