Hanging the Shingle

I never miss an opportunity to offer compassion. I can’t help myself! I could swear it was my first lesson as a human being. My parents also taught me that love conquers all; it is our most powerful-and least used-force. I have devoted my entire life to helping others; most often in a volunteer capacity, after working my day job.

I have reached mid-life. And I am experiencing the inevitable blessings of wisdom that comes with age. What my soul truly desires is a career in community service. I wish to make a living (a modest one) by contributing to my community and society at large.

But community service, and non-profits in general, seem broken. They mistreat their employees and devote too many resources to begging for more money.

And so, I am hanging up my shingle. Compassionate Humanists is a for-profit company offering Humanist celebrants for weddings, funerals, invocations, or any other ceremony where secular or non-theist guidance is sought. I am earning my stripes as a Humanist chaplain to provide a comforting presence in grief or crisis.

I currently offer Bystander Intervention Training and I am developing workshop topics in Critical Thinking and Humanist Dialogue. I hope to have a CPR trainer on staff, to provide certification training to groups, and a licensed facilitator for group discussions and meetings.

Our mission is to strengthen community through empathy, education, and service. We have a responsibility to one another. We can no longer look away or say, “not my problem.”

These services and workshops are offered in and around the larger Sacramento California area, but we will have a global online group presence soon, with Secular Support for Family and Friends of Alcoholics and Addicts.
If you are in the local area, stop in to see us on the first Sunday of every month. Our Compassionate Humanists in Roseville Meetup group has been going strong for three years.

If any of this piqued your interest, please email me. I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for listening.