Bystander Intervention Tactics

Each of us is a bystander every time we step out our front door. We are witness to the lives of the strangers in our midst. Most of the time, our days as bystanders pass without incident. But occasionally we are witness to an unprovoked verbal harassment or bullying situation.

This workshop, Bystander Intervention Tactics, teaches you various methods that you can use as a bystander to interrupt and/or stop harassment from becoming violent. These relatively minor situations are not newsworthy – but they happen much more frequently than the physically violent incidents on the evening news.

These workshop tactics DO NOT pertain to situations where you feel physically unsafe or where weapons are present. We do not have the expertise and cannot advise you on such situations. We can, however, give you tools that may prevent escalation into violence.

The core principle of Bystander Intervention is non-violence. De-escalating any situation between two or more strangers takes a unique blend of courage and compassion. The workshop not only discusses strategies, it provides you the opportunity to practice in various scenarios with fellow participants.

This workshop was developed using curriculum from the Montgomery County (Maryland) Civil Rights Coalition and Hollaback! resources.

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