We offer a variety of workshops for adults who want to learn how to be a better citizen and a more compassionate human being. These workshops provide the opportunity to interact with others in a safe place, where everyone agrees with the ground rules and wants to develop trusting relationships.

Some of these workshops are designed for personal interactions. Some are designed to give you tools and coping mechanisms to use in the wider world; to keep you safe from scams or to be an ally to the stranger sitting next to you.

These workshop offerings are currently locally-presented in the greater Sacramento, California area, but as we grow we anticipate we’ll be able to utilize webcasts and other technological tools to reach a greater audience. The cost of attendance at scheduled events is minimal.

We can also send our trainers to you! If you are interested in a training for your group – your business, local club or association – please contact us to arrange it. The cost for this arrangement is per-event, depending on travel costs, facilities fees, materials, and the trainer’s time and expertise.


Bystander Intervention Tactics


Critical Thinking Skills

“Can We Talk?” Humanist Dialogues

How to Spot Scams and Grifters

CPR/AED/First Aid Certification