Chaplains have been, traditionally, representatives of religious faiths who work within institutions (such as hospitals, universities, law enforcement, and prisons) to provide comfort and guidance to those who seek it. This guidance is often directly taken from religious texts and traditions. If the seeker shares the Chaplain’s religious faith, such consolation is welcomed. If, however, the chaplain and the seeker do not share the same faith, a conflict can arise and the seeker often does not find solace.

Chaplains are present during times of crisis, trauma, and grief. A Humanist Chaplain can provide emotional support during these periods, using Humanist principles and values in place of traditionally religious guidance. Humanist chaplains do not proselytize. They listen. They hear the grief and turmoil and the stories. They can help to heal.

We offer secular, Humanist Chaplaincy Services that can include visits to hospitals, prisons, care facilities or private homes. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone, email or by using our Contact Us Form.