We believe in the power of kindness. We believe in respecting each individual on their own merits and that each individual is responsible to help their communities thrive. Our lives are interconnected. Each of us, in our own ways, can strengthen our communities with compassion and action.

We facilitate discussion groups that provide a platform for humans to connect with and learn from one another, and workshops that help us understand one another.

Please join us in our quest for stronger communities and a healthier global humanity.


Compassion is not just a feeling, or an urge to ease someone else’s suffering – it speaks to action, to a movement based on helping others. Compassion, and cooperation, have propelled human beings forward through time, to this moment. Let’s keep it going.


Humanism is a belief in our own abilities and imagination to create a thriving future on this planet. We do not worship – instead, we work to manifest a better world for future generations.

The Humanist Manifesto III sums up all that we believe.